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Considering this, the prevalent theme is that human existence is full of secret depravity. This is manifested in the protagonist’s…

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Response Paper

This is comprised of the respected members of the society as well as the ordinary citizens as indicated in the story when Goodman Brown takes a stroll in the forest to discover weird happenings. For instance, Brown discovers that the Governor, together with his Wife, Faith, are an evil group associates that meet daily in the middle of the forest.
If the story was to be written in Faith’s point of view, then it could not expose the human evil deeds. It is apparent that the people pretend to be good and decent members of the society, but engages in wicked things at night (Kirszner & Mandell, 2012). Faith could have glorified the wicked habits since she is one of the members who do not care about the repercussions of such habits. For instance, people believe that evil is the nature of mankind and no one can survive without committing sins or crimes. In this regard, Faith’s perspective would explain the benefits of evils in the society, which lead to corruption and the accumulation of wealth through greediness (Kirszner & Mandell, 2012).
Symbols are the use of items to represent ideas or qualities that contain similar or different meanings of the actual things. Symbolisms are also marked in the narrative through the use of the devil’s staff and a pink ribbon possessed by Faith. The devil’s staff is drawn from the biblical character of the serpent as a wicked demon. The serpent in the Holy Book enticed Eve to consume the prohibited fruit, which also happens when the devil lures Brown to join their evil group (Kirszner & Mandell, 2012). In the Bible, the serpent encouraged Eve to sin and wickedness through curiosity. The symbolic aspect of the staff also contributed to Faith’s downfall that derived her innocence to join the wicked group at the back of her husband. Another symbol is the pink ribbon that signifies purity (Kirszner & Mandell, 2012). This ...
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