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“How High Deer Jump Son” by Stefan De La Garza: Evolving Life - Essay Example

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The theme is about the change of and changing man’s life, especially his sexual nature. The protagonist in Stefan De La Garza’s “How High Deer Jump Son” surprisingly shifts the narratives from his early adolescent to his late adult life. In doing so, the main character is able to show his readers the evolving phase of his life, emotion, and thought. …

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“How High Deer Jump Son” by Stefan De La Garza: Evolving Life

In the first part of the story, the first-person narrator tells about his coming schools days. What interest him is the science subject for it will explore sex education; he calls it pornography. The choice of the word suggests the sexual appetite of the protagonist. And in the last part of the story, the reader is able to know how far the protagonist has changed. From a sexual animal in his boyhood, he becomes a grown rational man; love for him becomes more emotional than sexual.
Flashback is a special feature of De La Garza’s fiction. Such technique of storytelling allows the reader to see and perhaps compare the character’s life from the past against the present. The protagonist in the story is narrated, or narrates himself, from his varied life years. On the one hand is his 12th birthday, and on the other is the death-day of his wife. In essence, flashback brings the contrast of a little boy and an old man, of life and death.
In each period of the protagonist’s life, each has its own characters and characterization. In his younger years, the characters are the people that surround him in his home, school, and community. His father is the most prominent among the characters of this time-period. The narrator describes his father as a traditional American man: hunter, alcoholic, and sexually repressed. It is apparent that the son and the father in the story substantially share their sexuality or view of women. ...
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