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[Instructor Name] Short Story Analysis “The Yellow Wallpaper" written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ is a moving tale of a contemporary woman suffering from a serious mental illness. Penned by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and subsequently published in a magazine in 1982 (Laing), the 6000-word short story unveils the taboos pertaining to women’s health back in the 19th century…

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short story analysis

Written as a first-person, the story is a fictitious reflection of a woman suffering from nervous depression, and who has been caged within a room of a rented house by her husband. Through the day she has a caretaker to keep a constant check on her while throughout the night her husband makes sure she does not leave the bed. The physician husband has made sure his wife has no way to escape and has deliberately chosen an upstairs room with barred windows. The tale is an expression of the hardships this woman faces – both mentally and physically – and ends up with the woman exploring a new personality from within her. What cures her? The yellow wallpaper. The main focus of the story revolves around the woman who is seen as ill. She speaks to the readers through a conversation sort of a story, writing out like one would write his or her daily diary which reflects on the views and experiences. Her serious mental disorder is tried to be cured by confining her to a room and forcing on her a full-time rest. The more the woman is forced into solitary confinement, the more her health is deteriorated. Out of the confinement in the room she discovers strange feelings and objects that are not really present. ...
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