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Analzying 10 poems. Give, Singh Song, Horse Whisperer, Medusa, On a Portrait of a Deaf Man, The Ruined Maid, The Clown Punk, Brendon Gallacher, Les Grands seigneurs, poem Checkin out me History - Essay Example

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One of the major problems that a poet has to always deal with has to do with the limited material that he or she ought to use in expressing his or her ideas and feeling. …
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Analzying 10 poems. Give, Singh Song, Horse Whisperer, Medusa, On a Portrait of a Deaf Man, The Ruined Maid, The Clown Punk, Brendon Gallacher, Les Grands seigneurs, poem Checkin out me History
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Analzying 10 poems. Give, Singh Song, Horse Whisperer, Medusa, On a Portrait of a Deaf Man, The Ruined Maid, The Clown Punk, Brendon Gallacher, Les Grands seigneurs, poem Checkin out me History

This is because the words that he or she chooses should always be sound, have meaning, arranged in a certain fashion and also have the ability to interrogate the depth of the human thinking, emotion, and compassion while still remaining simple, natural and self-contained. Fortunately for the poet, the English language has myriads of words to choose from for almost every thought, and numerous methods of arranging these words going by the name “poetic devices,” which can tremendously assist a poet. Words or even a portion of the same can be arranged in such a way that makes them sound clever, soothing or even pleasing to the ear. Others are definitely disgusting and a poet will always go at great depths to avoid using them. We can look at a number of these varied intentional arrangements of words and phrases in a number of poems.
“Give” by Simon Armitage
In this simple twelve-line-poem that is divided in five-stanzas, Simon assumes a persona of squatter who survives on handout from well-wishers. ‘Simple’ because three of the five stanzas have only two lines while the other two contain three lines each. This poem also has a semblance of symmetry which however deviates slightly from perfect symmetry, which is quiet understandable because perfect symmetry cannot suit the kind of a theme in this poem. The first stanza of this poem is a rhyming couplet, although Simon’s use of enjambment, whereby the first line in the first stanza runs into the second one, creates some awkwardness in the poem. The idea of a rhyme is a little bit less forceful particularly because of the break that occurs after the “scene”. By having the beggar talk to a person that he calls “dear,” Simon creates ambiguity as to whether whoever he is referring to was a person he had a relationship with or just another good friend. Simon use of the phrase “to make a scene” is an idiom that is meant to refer to having an argument. The much a person nears the end of the poem the clearer it becomes that the squatter performs for money and therefore making a scene might as well mean putting-on a show for public viewing. It might as well mean that the “public place,” which seems to have connotation with its former relationship might have witnesses an argument or confrontation between the squatter and his wife. This demonstrates how successful Simon has been in creating ambiguity in this poem. The second stanza opens in a similar manner with the first one, with the phrase “of all.” The squatter tell the next person that he has chosen to sleep in her doorway. Simon applies enjambment in running line three and four, while also using repetition as a literary device in the words “I have chosen.” Instead of a full rhyme as in the first line, Simon uses “yours” and “stars” at the end of line four and five thereby creating a half rhyme. He also uses alliteration with the words “stars” and “street” in the fifth line thereby clarifying the description. Once again we see the use of alliteration in the seventh stanza in the words “for silver, swallow swords,” although in this case it sounds more of a tongue twister. In a nutshell, through the use of enjambment, patterns, repetition, and half-rhyme, Simon has managed to create a superb poem. “Singh Song” by Daljit Nagra In this poem just as is in majority of his poems, Daljit uses Asian tongue and English rhyming and rhythm to make his poem appealing. In Singh Song just as the name suggest, the rhythm come out a bit sing-song-ey, complete with regular beats, in several of initial stanzas. The rhyming on the other hand and particularly in the first stanza works splendidly. As for repetition, we witness a strange use of this literary device which to a larger extent seem to work effectively. For instance, the re-use of the word “ ... Read More
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(Analzying 10 Poems. Give, Singh Song, Horse Whisperer, Medusa, On a Essay)
“Analzying 10 Poems. Give, Singh Song, Horse Whisperer, Medusa, On a Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.net/literature/8959-analzying-10-poems-give-singh-song-horse-whisperer-medusa-on-a-portrait-of-a-deaf-man-the-ruined-maid-the-clown-punk-brendon-gallacher-les-grands-seigneurs-poem-checkin-out-me-history.
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