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Among the Shakespeare’s sonnets, the “My mistress’ eyes” has number 130 (sonnet 130). It is enjoyable to read for its unfussiness and openness of expression. The sonnet is also one of the few Shakespeare's epics with a noticeably funny tone. Its message is easy: the dark woman's beauty cannot be contrasted to the prettiness of a goddess or within nature, for the mistress is but a mortal person. Shakespeare writes this sonnet to compare the human beauty with nature. The sonnet is written in unknown year, and in 1609 it was published. The targeted audience of the poem is married men since it discusses mistresses and lovers. Thesis Beauty is analyzed in regard to human perspective and judgment compared to natural resources and real existence of the character. This involves analysis of the poet’s representation of the body and comparison that contrasts the person to the natural resources. The analysis Shakespeare compares his mistress to various other beauties; however, the comparison does not favor the lover. The comparison of her eyes being “nothing like the sun” and “lips are less red more than coral;” gives the facial appearance of the mistress, though not exactly since exaggeration has been used. Her breasts are referred to as of dull colored, and hair is similar to black wires on her head; the breast is black (Shakespeare 1-4). Shakespeare uses the comparisons to bring out the lover’s beauty in a unique and natural manner. “My mistress’ eye” sonnet is enjoyable to read for its straightforwardness and openness of expression. Shakespeare uses humorous tone in this sonnet to make it look like a joke though describing the lover vividly. His message is very simple and to the point: the dark lady's attractiveness is not comparable to the beauty of a deity or to any existing nature, for she is but a mortal person. The comparison of the lady’s eyes and lips gives us the exaggerative concept of the narrator and compares beauty with nature. Yet, the narrator cherishes her regardless of anything, and in the final couplet says that indeed, she is just as unique as any woman depicted with such overstated or false contrasts (Shakespeare 1-2). The approach of Shakespeare may lead one to speculate, whether it is pure honesty that he is portraying in sonnet 130, or some concealed sentiment exists, maybe that the dark female is not worthy of his fine words or maybe she is worthy. Such utterances, however, are not fitting, as though he feels relaxed enough with the mistress that he is capable of showing such sincerity (Shakespeare 7). The metaphorical structure of Sonnet 130 is significant to its outcome. In the 1st stanza, Shakespeare spends one line on every assessment between his lover and natural or man made resources such as the sun, snow, coral, and wires. In this quatrain, he says he has seen roses estranged by color “damasked” into white and red, but he glimpses no such roses in his lover’s cheeks; further, he utters the breath “reeks” from his lover are less pleasant than perfume (Shakespeare 5-8). In these stanzas, Shakespeare compares the lover with worldly resources; however, still finds her immeasurable. The comparison and contrast of the dark lady gives her image and confirms the adoration of the poet towards her. In the subsequent and third stanzas, he broadens the metaphors to engage two lines each, that is perfume/breath, and music/voice, roses/cheeks, and goddess/mistress - each acquires a pair of unrhymed lines. This generates the ...Show more


Name Institution Course Date Poetic Representation of the body Author: William Shakespeare Title: “My mistress’ eyes” Introduction The poem begins with the comparison of the speaker’s mistress or lover to various beauties of the world contrary to the lover’s favor…
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Poetry essay essay example
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