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Name Institution Course Date Poetic Representation of the body Author: William Shakespeare Title: “My mistress’ eyes” Introduction The poem begins with the comparison of the speaker’s mistress or lover to various beauties of the world contrary to the lover’s favor…

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Among the Shakespeare’s sonnets, the “My mistress’ eyes” has number 130 (sonnet 130). It is enjoyable to read for its unfussiness and openness of expression. The sonnet is also one of the few Shakespeare's epics with a noticeably funny tone. Its message is easy: the dark woman's beauty cannot be contrasted to the prettiness of a goddess or within nature, for the mistress is but a mortal person. Shakespeare writes this sonnet to compare the human beauty with nature. The sonnet is written in unknown year, and in 1609 it was published. The targeted audience of the poem is married men since it discusses mistresses and lovers. Thesis Beauty is analyzed in regard to human perspective and judgment compared to natural resources and real existence of the character. This involves analysis of the poet’s representation of the body and comparison that contrasts the person to the natural resources. The analysis Shakespeare compares his mistress to various other beauties; however, the comparison does not favor the lover. The comparison of her eyes being “nothing like the sun” and “lips are less red more than coral;” gives the facial appearance of the mistress, though not exactly since exaggeration has been used. Her breasts are referred to as of dull colored, and hair is similar to black wires on her head; the breast is black (Shakespeare 1-4). ...
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