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Introduction This present paper is a continuation of the proposed program theory, which aims at solving the problem of unemployment among graduates in the United States of America through a program that empowers American engineers and thus, enabling them to develop solutions to pre-existing societal problems whilst creating job opportunities for other American graduates who are unemployed.


The evaluation questions also collect critical information about the actual people who are expected to implement the program theory and if they currently have the capabilities to implement the proposed action plans. Thirdly, Farrell (2012) argued that through the evaluation questions it is possible to identify areas within the program theory that are weak and require improvements. Therefore, it is correct to argue that the evaluation questions are part of the pilot study that is aimed at testing the viability of the proposed program theory. Evaluation questions a) What is the primary cause of unemployment among recent college graduates in the United States? This question is expected to collect the views of recent college graduates in order to find out what they consider to be the root cause of unemployment in America. ...
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