Combinational and sequential logics

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Combinational and Sequential Logics Task 1-Learning Outcome 1.1 Interpret manufacturer’s data to select appropriate combinational logic devices for specific purposes There are various logic gates that are used in designing and building of a two binary digits full adder.


The adder truth table comprises of the additional column that caters for the summed output, carry output, and carry-in input (Ross & Sheldon 75). The two binary digit full adders are found as the standard IC packages as 74LS283 and 74LS83 which add up and generate a CARRY and SUM output. Image for the two binary digits full adder Another very useful and a common combinational logic is that of one bit magnitude comparator. The comparator is comprised of the NOT, NOR, and AND logic gates. The logic gates compare the signals found in the input terminal and produce the output that depend on the input condition (Ross & Sheldon 75). For instance, despite adding and subtracting numbers, they are able to compare them and find if the value of A is smaller than, equal to, or greater than input B. The one bit magnitude comparator achieves this by using the above logic gates that use the mechanism of Boolean algebra. The one bit magnitude comparator comprises of the three terminals that act as the terminals. One is greater than equality, and less than Image for one bit magnitude comparator For the less and greater: in the cases that are worst, the answer is written in the form of a sum of products and change them into NAND gates. ...
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