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Database Structures, Languages, and Architectures SLP - Research Paper Example

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This paper presents the analysis of two most commonly used applications for data storage and management, which are Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. The basic purpose of this research is to analyze the features of both applications and choose one of them for the database management…

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Database Structures, Languages, and Architectures SLP

Normally, people use Excel to complete their paper-works since it allows them to place and tabulate data correctly for presentations or printing. Thus, this is the basic reason that Excel is frequently used in educational, professional and offices where a lot of data needs to be gathered and tabulated. On the other hand, MS Access is employed as an application of storing data so that it could be accessed and used later. In many cases, a database is developed using MS Access so that staff could be able to access it from different locations and perform queries or insert new data when required. Moreover, a lot of people can use MS Access simultaneously without even feeling some difference. Microsoft Access is used to create a relational database, in which data can be inserted together autonomously and interdependently. Thus, in this way database users can combine data from numerous sources and analyze and/or report information as many times as they are needed. Moreover, Access allows the users to enter and store tons of data using different forms which can be intertwined for simple referencing as well as analyzing. ...
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