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Cases of cyber attacks - Case Study Example

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Author : randybergnaum
Case Study
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The historical landscape of how wars are fought changed drastically when Information Technology was used by developed countries to attack one another.Instead of bullets and guns,critical websites of government and news agencies are hacked or defaced to express political statement and display of IT power…

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Cases of cyber attacks

The historical landscape of how wars are fought changed drastically when Information Technology was used by developed countries to attack one another.Instead of bullets and guns, critical websites of government and news agencies are hacked or defaced to express political statement and display of IT power. In this paper,a comparison of three cases of cyber terrorism would be discussed to enable people understand the nature, power and threat caused by cyber attacks. Likewise, the governments’ initiatives to response to similar threats in the future are also included in this report. The case of the cyber attack in Estonia. In 2007, Estonia experienced a massive DDOS attack which paralyzed most of its government websites. Although Russian authorities denied the attack, the Estonian government highly believed that it was from Russia. The attack happened after a political issue which involved removing Estonia’s transfer of a Soviet war memorial in Talinn to a military cemetery ( A cyber riot, The The cyber attack is considered a DDoS or Distributed Denial Of Service. According to searchsecurity,, DDoS happens when “ a multitude of compromised systems attack a single target, thereby causing a denial of service; hence, the target system is forced to shut down which prevents legitimate users to receive service”. The main targets were banking institutions, schools, government websites and other institutions; however, the first launch targeted government sites. ...
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