Humen Resouce Managment in the Middle East : a comparative analysis

Humen Resouce Managment in the Middle East : a comparative analysis Case Study example
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Name Professor Name Subject Date Human Resource Management in the Middle East - A Comparative Analysis Introduction This report compares human resource management policies and practices between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


in Tahir Suliman. This report provides an overview of these articles. And, it is followed by a description explaining human resource management related similarities and differences in the UAE and The KSA. Subsequent to that, concerning human resource management related issues, what they can learn from their individual experiences over their respective HR policies and practices, is also discussed. In the end, some of the basic managerial challenges that could be faced by HR manager, are also made part of this report. Overview of the articles This article “Stereotyping of citizens in an expatriate-dominated labor market: implications for workforce localization policy,” is fundamentally based on the impacts of Emiratisation over the local and foreign workers living in the United Arab Emirates. This article first focus on the public sector then it moves towards private sector employment. ...
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