Case Study sample - Data sharing between airlines and international airlines for scheduling purposes

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Executive Summary It is important that airlines share data amongst themselves in order to facilitate effective scheduling of flights. This paper gives a description on data sharing between airlines and how it is used to facilitate effective scheduling, its benefits as well as its limitations…


A SWOT analysis of this airline company is also provided and the document closes by providing recommendations for the airline company accompanied by their justifications. Data Sharing between Airlines and International Airlines for Scheduling Purposes Introduction Competition in the market may dictate that airlines keep a secret of their data according to Gustavo (2005). This situation also applies where individual airlines are reluctant to share data amongst themselves for security reasons. However, data sharing between airlines has proved to enhance operations by enabling effective scheduling (Gustavo, 2005). It also provides an insight into constrains of individual airlinesbecause data is checked for inconsistencies. Better stated, frequent data sharing enables partners to revisit any irregularities. The data that may be shared between airlines to aid scheduling include internal fight plans, tables queried from database, flight identification information like date, time, aircraft and flight number (Gustavo, 2005). It also includes, time information, weight, fuel, positional information and delay information like duration and number of delays. Data exchange between airlines ensures that the block or schedule times allocated for each airlines is one that can enable it optimize the use of its resources and to avoidrecurrent delays. ...
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