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In 1986 Kevin Bacon stared as Jack Casey, in the movie, “Quicksilver”.  Jack had dropped out of the corporate world and became a bike messenger.  The movie glamorized his fellow messengers as colorful, anti-establishment, nonconformists, who had “an irreverent attitude toward motor vehicles and traffic control signals.”(1)  The bike messengers used “messenger bags”, usually constructed of durable canvas and rugged waterproof construction.  Through the 1980’s manufacturers of these bags popped up in many major metropolitan areas, and soon the demand for these bags grew beyond the ranks of the bicycle messengers.  While messenger bags have their roots dating back to the late


al and a custom made, internet based “Build Your Own Bag” product.  Timbuk2s concept is rugged and stylish. The timbuk2 website describes Rob’s goal, “to make a messenger bag rugged enough for real bicycle messengers, yet stylish enough to appeal to a broader market of young, hip urbanites as an alternative to the traditional two-strap day pack. ...
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