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1. The ergonomic issues involved The ergonomic issues involved are the musculoskeletal disorders of the hands, arms shoulder, and back of rangers from riding snowmobiles up to 10 hrs. This musculoskeletal disorder is caused by the pressure on the joints and vibrations experienced by the body when riding a snowmobile.


2. The research conducted (and what type of study) An ergonomic study was conducted by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) on the rangers of Yellow Stone Park. Several tests were used such as the Rhythmic Test, Tremor Test, and the Vibroactile Test, to determine the reason why the rangers are experiencing musculoskeletal disorders and to find a way to prevent this kind of disorder. The first test used was the Rhythmic test. This test is used to determine the reaction time and coordination on the right and left hands. The rhythmic tests required the participants to tap a circular pad (4–inch diameter) in time with a steady metronome beat (1.0 Hertz [Hz] slow test, 2.5 Hz fast test), either alternating palm side of hand to back of hand (supination/pronation) or tapping with the index finger. At the end of the test administration a numerical coordination index is calculated, which can be compared to the normal coordination index (CI) range provided with the test battery documentation (NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluation Report, Yellow Stone Park, 2001). With this data, the reaction time and hand coordination of the rangers can be easily compared to the normal reaction time index. The difference will determine the effect of the vibrations experienced while riding a snowmobile on hand coordination. The second test used was the Tremor Test. ...
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