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The Language of Health Informatics (M3C) - Essay Example


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The Language of Health Informatics (M3C)

The succeeding discussions deal with a simple database in the management information system of Pajel Export Economic Enterprises Co. (PEEEC) which forms part of a larger central database of the company. “The management information system (MIS) is mainly concerned with internal sources of information. It usually takes the data from the transaction processing systems (TPS) which are designed to process routine transactions efficiently and accurately; examples of which are data from registration centers, billing systems, weekly and monthly payrolls, etc. TPS data are summarized into a series of management reports. MIS reports are generated for middle management and operational supervisors”.To cover this aspect, J. Friedman, a manager of PEEEC shared the following. According to him, “PEEEC is a newly set-organization accredited with the Department of Economic Affairs and Trade and Industry. It deals with promoting export manufactured products consisting mainly of different industry products like electronics, cars, chemicals, textiles, furniture, medical, bio-recycled products, among others.

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Cloning and assisted reproductive techniques serve as one such example. The first milestone in this field was achieved when the first cloned sheep Dolly was produced in the year 1997. Though Dolly was not able to survive for long but this invention led to the opening and creation of a new field.
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The Language of Health Informatics (M3C)
In the same way, the emergence of health care management and administration systems has offered incurable support and facilities. This paper will discuss and analyze some of the prime aspects and areas of the new health information system for our hospital that will completely computerize the overall operations and working of the hospital.
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The Language of Health Informatics (M3C)
Information used by top management may be more of a precis compared to the information used by other levels of management like in the middle management. “Middle management may need more detailed information in their area of responsibility to help them carry out their functions.
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Fundamentals of database characteristics and structure. Database is a collection of persistent data stored in structured manner that is used by the application systems of some given enterprise (Date, Kannan, & Swamynathan, 2010). Usually a database is shared by a number of users.
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The Language of Health Informatics
It allows the data to be sliced, diced and mixed which leads to the usage of this information for various needs and purposes. Databases are either small or large. Small databases require a desktop computer and a database application like dBASE 5 to be used in order manage data pertaining to customer or small research project.
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Health informatics tools include not only computers but also clinical guidelines, formal medical terminologies, and information and communication systems. Sub domains of (bio) medical or health care informatics include: clinical informatics, nursing informatics, imaging informatics, consumer health informatics, public health informatics, dental informatics, clinical research informatics, bioinformatics, veterinary informatics, and pharmacy informatics.
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Health informatics tend to emphasize management information systems in health care institutions, electronic health record, electronic data interchange etc. The electronic health record concept is similar to computerized patient record but extends to healthy people as well.
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The language of health informatics
The purpose of this report is to clearly address the following items: 1) fundamentals of database characteristics and structure; 
2) various types of medical data and information records relevant to this project; 
3) the importance
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The Language of Health Informatics
In this case, records 2 and 5, as well as 1 and 4, should be beside each other (Beaumont, 2000).. Before we even answer this question, all of us should understand what a hospital database is,
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Despite imperfect modern technological advancements in developed countries, eHealth is presently a universal issue. In the year 2003 to 2005, WHO initiated diverse
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There are several variety of information required to run their business effectively. The demand for information vary at different levels of management; each requiring information specific to their business area of concern. Information used by top management may be more of a precis compared to the information used by other levels of management…
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The Language of Health Informatics (M3C) essay example
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