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on object oriented programming

Procedural paradigm comprises of creating a set of functions or modules and is sometimes referred to as a modular approach. As compared to this, in an object oriented approach, related data and functions are grouped together in order to create objects. Data items are termed as attributes and functions are termed as behaviors in an object oriented paradigm. Their encapsulation through a mechanism furnishes a blue print for an object which is referred to as a ‘class’. It is like a script of a movie or a recipe of a dish.
An object Oriented approach towards the creation of a program is based upon the identification of objects at first. The three main principles that lie at the core of Object Oriented Programming are encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.
An object is a separate instance of a class. It is a combination of data and methods. A class may contain multiple objects. Objects may be composed of smaller objects and the features of basic objects can be inherited into the specialized objects of the same tree. These objects can be used or invoked only through their allowed interfaces that are methods. They may interact with each other by means of these interfaces. Inheritance is the phenomenon whereby which an object inherits the basic properties of the class to which it belongs.
The object oriented programs are more secure than the programs written with the procedural approach. The reason is the restricted access of data through encapsulation. The object oriented programs may take more time due to object creation delay as compared to the normal programs.
Practical present day examples of Object oriented languages are narrated by Emden and Somoson (2006) as: “Pizza and GJava are examples of Multi-Paradigm Object Oriented Programming Languages.” Besides these, C++ is also a strong object oriented programming ...
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These programs are often written in high level languages that are further converted into machine language to make the instructions understandable for…
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