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Human Computer Interaction Part 3a BUTTON DESIGN Touch Buttons in a user interface are like a gateway to enter a whole new dimension or for that matter, a different content. It is probably the most used element in an interface. I learned that a button should have an enticing design that it speaks for itself and that a user will be able to determine automatically that it can be interacted.


Reference: Chapman, Callum. "Common Elements Used in Interface Button Design." Web Designer Dept. (2011): 4. Web. 20 Dec. 2011. <,>. TYPOGRAPHY The fonts and typefaces are important elements of the user interface. It should be in proportionate with the design or else it will just look like a clutter. I learned that it should draw attention to the content taking in consideration its size, lines and shade. The overall appearance of the font is in conjunction with its readability which is highly essential for the end-user. Moreover, the amount of text in a given space should be kept to a minimum. The relationship of the font color and background is equally vital in achieving high contrast content which further adds to the readability degree of the content. Lastly, I also learned that appropriate spacing and the presence of empty fields are techniques to achieve visual relief, in this way; the viewer will not be distracted from the focal contents. Reference: Genkin, Namie . "Importance of Great Web Typography."Onextrapixel. (2010): 1-4. Web. 20 Dec. 2011. ...
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