People have become overly dependant on technology.

 People have become overly dependant on technology. Essay example
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In this age many individuals have become highly dependent on modern technology. This has resulted to the individuals losing their basic skills on aspects such as critical and creative thinking, writing and grammar skills and also their communication skill.


Most of them put out a strong argument that is not true. As we constantly depending on technology in performing our day to day tasks we tend not to apply our personal idea in the tasks that we embark on. Many agree that the computer and the mobile phone are one of the world greatest technologies that have ever been created. The main reason for the over dependency on technology in this current time and age may be attributed to various aspect that include, lifestyle, education, availability of the technology and the increase purchase ability of individuals. Through the day to day advancements of these technologies we have seen that their use has been embedded in to all our activities ( Haviland, William A. 2004). Many may highly disagree with the fact that technology has a negative impact on not only the individuals but also the environment and the world as a whole. Technology with no doubt is a key and important factor in the human life. It makes work easier saves on time and resources and most of all does things that in a few years were deemed impossible. The big question that should be posed to every one for the effective evaluation on the efficiency and sustainability of technology is that: is technology a good thing, to what extent should we depend on it, should we be skeptical of its benefits and uses? In this century we have witness the development of various technologies. ...
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