High-level languages and low-level languages

High-level languages and low-level languages Essay example
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High Level Languages and Low Level Languages By Author Date Introduction A language is a source that can be used for communication between two persons. In the same way, computer-programming language is used to communicate between user and computer. By using any programming language, the instructions are provided to the computer to carry out a specific operation…


Computer Programming Language: An Overview The basic purpose of computer programming language is to allow the user to prepare computer programs also known as software. Though, in the past only the machine language (i.e. in binary code) was used to write the programs. However, it was very difficult to prepare a program in machine code. On the other hand, at the present there are numerous programming languages available for writing different types of programs. However, each programming language has its own rules for witting the programs. For instance, FORTRAN (Formula Translator) language is used for scientific purposes; COBOL is used for preparing business solutions, ADA programming language is used for building defense applications etc. In addition, programming languages are divided into two categories: (Webopedia, 2012; Bolton, 2012; Ferguson, 2002; Norton, 2001; Shelly et al., 2005; ninjacraze, 2012) i) Low-level languages ii) High-level languages Low-level Languages The programming languages that are very similar to machine code (such as 0s and 1s) are acknowledged as low-level programming languages. Basically, in these languages the program instructions are written in binary form. ...
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