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Should Abortion be Legal? - Research Paper Example

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Instructor: Abstract There have been a lot of discussions regarding the subject of making abortion legal. A lot of institutions as well as individuals have been divided on this issue. Each party has had its own share of arguments and reasons as to why they are on their end of the argument…

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Should Abortion be Legal?

However, this has been met with a conflicting approach of the same practice by the health practitioners. According to them, there are circumstances where abortion should be made legal; for instance, where the life of the mother is endangered (Melling, 2008). Should Abortion Be Legalized Thesis Statement These two conflicting aspects about the subject of abortion have created a division between those who support the legalizing of abortion and those who are not in favor of it. It is because of this conflict in reason that the argument on the legalization of abortion has taken the whole world into participation. In this paper, I will examine the issue of the legalization of the abortion practice. I will look into both sides of the argument and identify the major points of contention in this conflict. I will also look into the legitimacy and logic behind these arguments and in the end try and draw a conclusion on the issue. These discussions will help me come up with the answer to my thesis question, “should abortion be legalized?’ Argument The debate on the issue of the legalization of abortion is a hotly contended one. There is a lot of division about this subject of abortion because of the different views and opinions that are shared by these individual. ...
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