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The KT600 Chipset

In this article, the KT600 chipset from Via Technologies will be investigated with its operations, configurations and the layout demonstrated to understand the operations and configuration of the chipset (Via Technologies, 2012). The general arrangement of the KT600 chipset in relation to other PC components (Source: DragonByte technologies, 2012) The above chipset consist of the north and south bridge as shown in the diagram above. In the KT600 chipset, the Northern bridge handles all data from graphic ports, the AGP, or PCI express, and then from memory consisting of Front Side Bus, FSB (Via Technologies, 2012). Although the two chips are essential from the chipset, mostly, the Northern chipset handles most of the essential tasks, which include connection between the main memory bank and he CPU. On the other hand, the Southern bridge is responsible for data from PCIx1 slots and may even have some integrated components such as audio or onboard graphics. As shown on the figure above, the North and South bridges have different chips names though they are often paired with the same opposite bridges, to be referred to with the collective name of a chipset. ...
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Name: Course: Date: The KT600 Chipset Chipsets are important parts of motherboards in any PC. Chipset may be defined to be a group of chips that facilitates and integrates all components of a PC as the infrastructure of the PC. Mainly, chipsets consist of two sets of major microchips…
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