A Deeper Look on the Reincarnation

A Deeper Look on the Reincarnation Essay example
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Hinduism is known to be one of the largest religions in the world. It offers a system of beliefs that not only Indians have embraced but are also perceived to be true by some people from all walks of life and races


Hindus believe that when a person dies, s/he will be reincarnated to some animal or another human being depending on how a person lived. If a person lives a good life, he will be rewarded in the form of a second life as a person of a higher status in the Caste System. However, when one is not good, he can be demoted to a lower level of person or an animal. For instance, a member of the royal family has been doing bad things in his life as a prince, princess, king or queen; s/he can become a slave in the next life. If a common man or a slave does not behave well, he will be punished and become an animal in his next life. But if that common man or slave does good things in his present life, his next life can be that of a rich person. Reincarnation is a common belief in Hinduism but it is known to have been found among many primitive people in Ancient Greece and Egypt as well (Jones, Whitney and Nault, 8118). According to Enroth, the belief had its origin in Northern India, around 1,000-800 B.C. (2012). Tracing the history of Hinduism, it is said to have emerged from several people of different generations that no one is acknowledged as the sole originator of the religion. There are three periods of the Hinduism wherein beliefs have been acquired and put together to become the modern Hindu religion. ...
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