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Integral Quantity Data types

Yes, we can represent integers bigger than what int allows. Basically, integers have limit up to 2,147,483,647, and if we want to show number greater than this we have two options. We can use long or BigInteger. In this scenario, the limit for long is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807. For storing space and increasing the time of execution of program Java provides two data types (TutorialPoints, 2014; Oracle Corporation, 2014).
Yes, for representing arbitrarily large integers we can use two other options: BigInteger and BigDecimal. However, it is not default because we write small programs in which our integer values can easily store and take less space. Hence, if BigDecimal or BigInteger becomes default it will require more space and the program execution will require additional time. Due to this reason there is not a single representation of integral quantities (TutorialPoints, 2014; Oracle Corporation, ...
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Yes, Java programming language provides some rounding modes, which determine how a certain operation gives back the result in limited numbers of digits as compared to the number of digits that are returned by results. It can be achieved through MtachContext precession setting…
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