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Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Course: Title: PAPER CRITIC FOR PROGRAM EVALUATION Introduction South Africa is leading nation in the world in terms of the number of people living with human immunodeficiency virus/sexually transmitted disease according to American Medical Association (2010).


Jemmott III, PhD; Loretta S. Jemmott, PhD, RN; Ann O’Leary, PhD; Zolani Ngwane, PhD;Larry D. Icard, PhD; Scarlett L. Bellamy, ScD; Shasta F. Jones, PhD; J. Richard Landis, PhD;G. Anita Heeren, MD, PhD; Joanne C. Tyler, DSc; Monde B. Makiwane, PhD, tries to give a clear perceptive of what are factors behind this worrying trend in South Africa. This paper will critically analyze the article in various ways such as the methodologies used, settings, aims and objectives, theoretical and empirical perspectives and much more. Background Setting- the study focused on the primary schools in a large, black township and rural settlement found near Cape Province. The setting of the study seems to focus mainly on the rural and poor families. But the reality is that HIV is a pandemic affecting every member of the society-either directly or indirectly-despite or his/her economic or social status. In this regard, there is some biasness as far as the setting of the study is concerned. Participants- random sampling method was used to select nine of 17 matched pairs of schools. The selected students were mainly in their sixth grade. However, the researcher had the consent of the parents or guardians before interviewing the students. This is a rather good move as far as the study is concerned. ...
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