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Problem at China Airlines - Essay Example

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This discussion will provide relevant and effective recommendation for China Airlines in order to mitigate the issues or difficulties faced within the Chinese market. CAL has faced various challenges or difficulties in international airline business…

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Problem at China Airlines

This paper stresses that CAL has continuously faced different challenges within the Chinese market relating to political, social, economic as well as technological aspects that drastically affected in its overall performance. In accordance with the case study, it has been viewed that the organisation successfully performed its various business operations by offering superior services to the customers in its different operating areas. In this regard, the organisation has adopted an effective strategy during the year 1995 in terms of procuring 15 numbers of advanced Boeing 737 medium-haul jets for expanding its businesses.
This essay declares that the political disturbances have been witnessed as one of the major difficulties for CAL while conducting its business operations. The political association between Taiwan and Mainland China has been observed to be quite strained because of the growing disputes concerning political status of Taiwan. The political problems between Taiwan and China have drastically affected the airlines business of CAL because the Chinese tourists are allowed to visit Taiwan in a group but they are not allowed to visit individually. In addition, the cargo transhipment service was also restricted between these two countries that also affected the business operations of CAL at large. Due to political disturbances, CAL and other Taiwanese airlines had changed its international flight route via southern region by connecting Southeast Asia and Middle East countries that ultimately emerged major difficulties for CAL. ...
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