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Unemployment in Canada

The Interwar period is being understood in the Western culture to be the period between the end of the World War I and the beginning of the World War II in Europe, specifically it was from 11 November 1918 to 1 September 1939. Since it was the most serious crisis in the Canada's history, thus this paper will examine the reasons which cause such horrible outcome, criticize the present situation and have a better understanding in unemployment for prevention.After the elaboration of the unemployment issue, one could say that such horrible events shouldn't happen in the future as one learns from previous evidence.During the interwar period, highest unemployment rate in Canada reached roughly around twenty-five percent. Yet, that is not suggesting one to ignore the issues but rather focus on the better understanding of the past thus encourages others to raise more possible solutions to improve our society. Perhaps the Interwar period unemployment could not be treated as current events due to the unexpected crisis; still such unexpected crisis is seldom happening. Hence, prevention and preparation of possible crisis is often necessary.During the first years of World War I unemployment was high during 1914-1915 wherein many Canadians enlisted in the army to avoid the bleak effects of families suffering through hardships of lack of employment; but, by 1916 the "booming wartime industrial and agricultural economies combined to provide Canadians with other options and employers competed with recruiting officers for Canada's available manpower. ...
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The Interwar period is being understood in the Western culture to be the period between the end of the World War I and the beginning of the World War II in Europe, specifically it was from 11 November 1918 to 1 September 1939. …
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