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A proposal that will aid in meeting the low income-resident needs

From the research it is clear that child hunger in Florida remains extremely at high levels. According to United States of America Department of Agriculture (USDA) data, in 2009, fifty point two million (50.2M) Americans inhabited households that are food insecure. According to SNAP (Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program), about one third of the population have approximately 20% children staying in households that are food insecure. Consequences of hunger are adverse to all Americans. However, children and mothers are severely affected. It influences their development and growth. Hunger is a crucial harsh health conditions predictor. It is often associated with school-age children and preschoolers behavior problems. The number of emergency food assistance seeking individuals has been on the rise. The number of individuals seeking food assistance from the American food banks has increased by 46 % that is from, twenty five million to thirty seven million. In Central Florida, assistance in terms of food is issued via a low-income program based in Florida. The program provides its participants with food stamps. The food stamps aid individuals in purchasing of groceries and other food staffs from retail shops. The retail shops have to seek approval from the US Agriculture Department. An individual resident can only be illegible to assistance if he or she possesses assets or incomes below the standards set by the program. In addition to that, an individual should either be working or seeking for a job. ...
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The purpose of the paper is to develop a proposal that will aid the Central Florida Food Bank in meeting the low income-resident needs in Central Florida. The research will be crucial in determining whether overweight among American children is caused by food insecurity…
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