The impact of competitive strategy on culture and organizational behavior. - Essay Example

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The impact of competitive strategy on culture and organizational behavior.

Organizations have to be conscious of their effect on their workers’ behavior both within as well as in their personal lives outside the company. This is especially true where multinational corporations such as ‘Xerox’ which have foreign subsidiaries are concerned. Xerox, a $22 billion firm which was founded in 1906, is a multinational corporation which operates in 160 nations, and has 160, 000 employees. Companies of such magnitude naturally have to tackle different issues concerning organizational behavior so as to inspire members of staff from different cultural backgrounds and remain relevant in the competitive business industry. The success of Xerox is actually dependent on the productivity of its workers. Levels of the Analysis of Organizational Behavior The main objective of seeking to comprehend principles concerning organizational behavior is to acquire a better understanding of concepts that affect group as well as individual dynamics in the workplace. Studying organizational behavior consists of conducting three levels of evaluation on corporate resources. ...
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The Impact of Competitive Strategy on Culture and Organizational Behavior Name Institution Date The Impact of Competitive Strategy on Culture and Organizational Behavior Introduction Understanding the significance of organizational behavior is vital to the continued existence of a company, its clients, and workers…
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