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Strategic asset management plan – University of glamorgan

The University of Glamorgan is totally committed towards providing a high class learning environment to include e-learning, tutor facilitation and employment of cutting edge learning facilities to enable the students to benefit academically and socially. Thus it is felt that prospective employers should be eager to acquire the skills which have been developed in students by an intense and stimulating academic programme. This should also create an aspiration for growth and success in the students. These are no doubt laudable strategic objectives for any learning institution which deem to foster growth of the establishment with a view to benefit its primary stake holder, the student. The twin perspectives of providing employment in the immediate time frame on leaving the establishment and creating an urge for sustained personal and professional growth in the students are also laudable. A Strategic Asset Management plan flows from the priorities set by the University for sustained development. ...
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The aim of a Strategic Asset Management Plan for higher educational establishments is to consolidate a University’s objectives and strategies for asset management and align it to the core business of universities, high quality education. …
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