Freight Yard Logistics: A Case Study

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The scope of this paper, after having read the assigned article, is to discuss what logistical advantages this facility gives to BNSF. The advantages for the company are clear. The decision to invest in Logistics Park-Chicago will result in an increased capacity, enhanced efficiency, rapid integration, and growth positioning…


The first and most obvious logistical advantage provided to BNSF is that of significantly increased capacity. Given the fact that the company intends to bring services like vehicle and carload into an integrated relationship with transloading and warehousing, there is no doubt that when it comes to space more is better. The task of modern supply chain management and logistical efficiency is greatly assisted when capacity is leveraged in conjunction with logistics management and operational efficiency. Obviously, simply increasing capacity is not sufficient; particularly when it overwhelms the processing, distribution, and transportation systems attached to it. In this case however, the product-handling, distribution, and integration systems are either already in place or are being developed in conjunction with the facility’s planning and implementation. The fact that once this facility comes fully online BNSF is contemplating an increase in the number of annual lifts at a rate approaching 50%, demonstrates what can only be described as a highly significant operational and competitive advantage. Particularly given the fact that the company anticipates significant growth, increasing capacity will allow BNSF to do more with more. ...
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