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Decision making & problem solving - Essay Example

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The National Health Services,a publicly funded healthcare organization,was founded in UK near about fifty years ago.Their focus on modernization in the management has given new edge to the functioning of the NHS.It is significant that the NHS management has readily recognized the need for the charges,and timely implemented the plan…

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Decision making & problem solving

The National Health Services, a publicly funded healthcare organization, was founded in UK near about fifty years ago. Their focus on modernization in the management has given new edge to the functioning of the NHS. It is significant that the NHS management has readily recognized the need for the charges, and timely implemented the plan But the momentum for the charge has only started gaining pace. These changes are not necessarily the result of the internal market for health. They arise partly also from developments in the science of medicine itself. Four changes will have particular impact on the future organization of the NHS (Leathard, 1991, p.126).Assuming that medical science remains in continual state of development and evolution, differences of opinions between doctors become inevitable. The law regarding medical negligence permits wide range of practice variations.Though the NHS does not have a profit motive, it is, of course, enormously concerned with control of expenditure. Surprisingly, however, it still lacks any real continuous evaluation of its performance against criteria.Concerns about the irrational use of medicines has led the government to introduce scheme designed to put downward pressure on indiscriminate prescription. GP spending on pharmaceuticals is now subject to regulation by indicative amounts, or 'target budgets'.
In the past, the stance of the British Medical ...
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