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Operations Management Field - Essay Example

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This essay talks that operations management is a field of business that is usually involved on production of services and goods, it s of paramount importance since it ensures that all business operations must be effective and efficient. It involves the management of business resources…

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Operations Management Field

This essay stresses that for effective operation management to be achieved the quality management is very important, it enables the firms to continuously improve its products. There are recent quality management advancements like the total quality management and benchmarking that enhance the operations management.
This discussion declares that benchmarking involves comparing the services or products with others that are related to it so as to know the performance of the organization’s products in the market arena. Continuous improvements involves adding features and removing others so as to make the products and services more satisfying to the customer, this even may involve producing goods that are customized. Continuous improvement enables a firm to have more loyal customers and win more customers. Effect analysis and failure mode enables the quality management to know areas that are likely to be faulty or fail and therefore know areas to give priority. Total quality management ensures that the customer’s needs are met and stresses more on the measurement and control as a means of guarantying continuous improvement. Some of the internationally recognized methods of quality management standards that firms must be audited to be certified include the ISO9000. Six sigma is also a quality management tool that uses all available data to measure the defects that should eventually be 3.4 parts per million meaning the six standard deviation. ...
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