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Total company is a French company whose headquarters is in Paris, it is an oil company whose business includes oil and natural gas exploration, refining, marketing and transportation of oil products. The total company was founded in 1924 and was referred to as the French company of petroleum. …


The debt-equity ratio indicates whether a company finances more using debts or equity, this is an important ratio in that it helps in decision making whereby a company may want to raise more capital either through debt or equity, the debt equity ratio is calculated by dividing total debt by total equity, the following is a summary of the debt equity ratio. It is evident that the company fiancés more suing equity, this is evident from the debt equity ratio, however, the trend of this ratio over the years show that the company equity level is declining and an increase in debts. The other observation is that the return on equity has improved over the years and this shows that this return ratio will increase in future. The other observation is that the return on assets has improved and shows an improvement in asset utilisation efficiency. The gross profit margin has declined over the years; this ratio was highest in 2005, declined in 2006 and slightly increased in 2007. This shows that the profitability of the company is expected to rise although the trend shows a decline in profitability. ...
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