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New Public Management in the UK

This research will begin with the statement that the traditional model οf public administration is based on the bureaucracy theory. It is characterized as "an administration under the formal control οf the political leadership, based on a strictly hierarchical model οf bureaucracy, staffed by permanent, neutral and anonymous officials, motivated only by the public interest, serving any governing party equally, and not contributing to policy but merely administrating those policies decided by the politicians." The traditional model οf administration was an improvement compared to the earlier one, which was regarded as the replacement οf personal administration with an impersonal system based on rules. Indeed these were central concerns οf philosophers such as Aristotle in ancient Greece, Confucius in ancient China, and Machiavelli in medieval Italy. But the conception οf the activist, bureaucratic state, despite its earlier parallels, is in practice an essentially twentieth century phenomenon. The characteristics οf this bureaucratic state were set out most clearly by the German sociologist Max Weber in 1920, with strong echoes οf earlier writings by the American Woodrow Wilson: "There should be a clear separation between politics and administration, and therefore distinct roles for political leaders (normally elected) and state officials (normally appointed)."Administration should be continuous and predictable, operating on the basis οf written, unambiguous rules. ...
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The researcher of this following essay will make an earnest attempt to critically discuss the strengths and weaknesses of New Public Management in the UK and another country. The idea οf New Public Management" (NPM) became more and more popular…
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