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Promote innovation and change - Essay Example

Author : vdenesik
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As a particular case study on innovation and change, lets consider the food and drink sector(say any energy drink ,for example Red Bull). The innovation and change to be brought in, in this case would be change in the packaging and a making of a new flavour…

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Promote innovation and change

As a particular case study on innovation and change, lets consider the food and drink sector(say any energy drink ,for example Red Bull). The innovation and change to be brought in, in this case would be change in the packaging and a making of a new flavour. The first thing hat needs to considered , after the decision is made to bring about innovation and change, is to examine the Element of Competency(EOC) of the employees and their response (both initial and prolonged) to the idea of change. Innovation management and change programs depends on close cooperation among all the functional sections of the organisation, its suppliers and most importantly, the customers.
This, again demands understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the organisational framework where the technological development and new product commercialisation takes place while listening to the voice of the customers. Off course, prior research is needed.The Risk Factors that may constrain any attempt at change in Work Place would be :Element of Competency of the employees- that would consider how much are employees competent about the new techniques or new way of work and whether they possess the right kind of skills .Cost- Whether the cost incurring would be more than the allocated budget is also an important point to take care of.The time frame required to train employees and put the change into practice and eventually producing the finished product (of making better designed cans for Red Bull) can exceed the stipulated time-period. ...
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