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Essay example - Theoretical Implication of Organizational Behavior Theory

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This essay outlines a theoretical implication of organizational behavior theory. Kurt Lewin once said there is nothing practical as good theory. An organizational theory not only tells us the factors for a particular problem, it also provides the inter-relation of the two…

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This paper explores a theoretical implication and evolution of organizational behavior theory. An organizational theory is formed on the basis of multiple methods like the experience of the person presenting the theory, his experience, observations, surveys etc. Thus when a manager is aware of the theory and he applies it, he actually applies the experiences, observations and the surveys done previously to formulate that theory, which is impossible as well as impractical for him to do in his personal capacity.
With the changing time and space along with new explorations, new theories come into being frequently. Having an awareness of previous ones is necessary to understand the newer one to apply it. Just like, the concept of perfect market in the economics is impractical; however, it is studied because it provides the basis to study other models.
A researcher can develop theory using multiple sources. For example, meta-analysis (a statistical pooling of surveys to derive some conclusions about certain variables from many different studies), field study (to probe individual or group processes in real organizational setting), laboratory study (variables are manipulated and measured in contrived situation), sample surveys and case studies.
In this way the paper concludes that, in any case, theories do require their application to give birth to the new theories, according to the ‘changed’ time and space and this is how a subject like organizational behavior remains alive. ...
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