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Leadership Issue: World Religious Leaders - Essay Example

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Author : dpurdy
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This essay describes the leadership issue in religion, that can bring about peace or lead to violence. The researcher focuses on the discussion of the changes that several world religious leaders have attempted and have an insight into their leadership styles…

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Leadership Issue: World Religious Leaders

This essay suggests that leadership has traditionally been associated with power. Classical leader enjoys political or organizational authority. While there are many types of leadership, two are distinct and interrelated. Today a culturally diverse society requires transformational leadership as they morally uplift the humanity, who enable and empower them and not make them dependent citizens, who encourage them to convert their visions into reality. All the four religious leaders presented in the essay have traveled round the world to foster universal brotherhood. While Gandhi and the Pope changed the lives of the people in the country where they visited, the Dalai Lama has the liberation of Tibet at heart. All of these leaders believe that non-violence alone can change the world. People need to be transformed and not given temporary relief. Truth and love are the basic nature of all beings and it is through these characteristics that transformation can be brought. Aga Khan spreads the message through philanthropic activities especially in the field of education through the AKF, while the Pope uses the religion to educate the masses. Gandhi toiled personally through satyagraha and other movements to awaken the consciousness of the people. Each leader has been serving the people of the world in his own way but the greatest influence on humanity without the use of power and religion have been Gandhi and Aga Khan. All believe in equal human rights but the leadership and approach differs. ...
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