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The Role of a Financial Manager - Essay Example

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Author : nigeltrantow
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This essay describes the role of the Financial Manager, his duties, responsibilities and business position in a corporative culture of the company. The researcher focuses on analyzing a typical Financial Manager that is required to perform 5 different roles during his work day.

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The Role of a Financial Manager

This essay explores the field of finance that is a very important part of every modern business organization, and financial considerations lie at the heart of all crucial business decisions. The researcher focuses on describing of the position named Financial Manager that is the person usually responsible for supervising and keeping in existence the organization’s financial policies and history. The role of a Financial Manager is to analyze financial information and generate financial reports that will assist the organization in decision-making, business progress and elaborate planning procedures. The FM is the pivotal figure in the two halves of the financial circle involving an organization – one involving the movement of money from investors into the organization, and the other half including the movement of money from the organization to the same investors. Nearly every business organization today, whether in the private or public sector, employs at least one Financial Manager. His or her duties vary slightly according to the size of the organization. However, this essay describes a typical Financial Manager who is required to perform 5 roles – that of a Controller, Treasurer, Credit Manager, Cash Manager and Risk & Insurance Manager. The researcher also explores the FM role in a multinational corporation and his duties in a branch of a bank or other financial institution. It is also mentined that the most important decisions of FM are those relating to financing, investment and asset management. ...
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