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Sustainable hospital and the healing process

One of the strength of the motivating programs is that its’ automation makes it easier to identify individual merits and reward them accordingly. Compliments and other recognitions should be posted there to motivate them. Communication with employees from wherever they are makes them feel part of the company as they feel more appreciated and derive a sense of belongingness. This should continue being exploited at all times. Some weaknesses have also been noted in the discussion section. One of these entails shortcomings in communication. Employees should be made part of the decision-making team to ensure they feel obligated to work for a hospital. A hospital should also outsource some required services especially in recruitment programs to allow them cope with the challenges fostered by motivation programs.
Abstract - The study recognizes that the concept of design has an effect on a patient's healing process. In the study, substantial evidence presents that the design of medical institutes influence the health outcomes of patients, as well as recruitment and retention of the hospital staff. In addition, the concept of design also affects the efficiency of how care is being provisioned. In United Kingdom, primary health and social care is being prioritized due to the ageing population of the country.
Summary - The purpose of the study is to incorporate an environment that would deliver safety, efficiency and quality that is flexible to changing delivery patterns in the provision of care. ...
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All hospitals are fueled by the ultimate desire to excel. This implies devising and implementing performance management systems, which outdo those of the competition. However, very few hospitals have managed to be unique in this quest. …
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