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Organisational Behaviour Management: An - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The field of organisational behaviour ventures to explain and understand human behaviour in the context of an organisation. Griffin and Moorhead (2010) provided the definition of organisational behaviour as “the study of human behaviour in organisational settings.” …

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Organisational Behaviour Management: An

Equipped with the essential competencies, employees, team leaders, manager, executives and any other member of an organisation can, therefore, contribute in their own little way to diagnose, understand, explain and act on emerging issues within the organisation as one cohesive unit. The following annotated bibliography of eight research tackles the theme organisational behaviour management focusing on positive organisation behaviour, organisation citizenship, emotions, moods, diversity and emotion, historical context research in organisational behaviour and emotional intelligence as a predictor of behaviour. Three of the eight articles included in the annotated bibliography tackled the area of positive organisational behaviour (Youssef & Luthans, 2007; Giachetti & So, 2009; Luthans & Youssef, 2007). Only Youssef and Luthans (2007) is a research article, while the other two are conceptual type articles. The three articles combined offer the reader a comprehensive primer on the importance of inculcating positive organizational behaviour in the workplace. ...
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