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They should aim at reflecting the eventual HR challenges, and not just through HR practice investments but through making use of practice in the creation of value outcome.
The author clearly states that within every function of management, the inability to anticipate accurately about the future may result in incomplete execution of errors which may have the ability to cause harm to the organization. For example, in case there is an incorrect design of something by the engineering department, it will have to go back to square zero in order for amendments to be made. If manufacturing fails to meet the cost required, quality requirements or delivery, there will be a quick correction of the problem and so on. I can go on and on to explain various circumstances, but as the authors of this text put it, in case HR managers fail to prepare for the future and fail to prepare an adequate plan, there will be more than just machines, designs, number and sales affected; a large number of peoples’ lives would be touched too. It may never be possible to undo such a terrible mistake.
According to the authors, there may be a large number of failures caused by HR professionals, who may be administratively focused on future anticipation, although none of them may be more delayed in serious progress than the inability to gauge and watch movement of civil rights’ impact. This describes the extreme effects that may impacted an organization as a result of improper demand anticipation of economic, social, demographic, global and ethnic changes.
The author might have been keen on addressing the key issues faced in a work environment as a result of worker discrimination. He puts to table the different consequences faced due to the practice of this growing vice. It is up to every HR to ensure that there is no discrimination in every single working environment if he ever wants to achieve positive, enticing organizational results.
In 1941, Philip Randolph, the ...
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It may be said that it is no longer enough to term anything as sufficiently good. The main HR specialists in the world only base their focus on the roles they play and how best to nurture…
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