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Google is the brain child of two entrepreneurs Larry Page and Sergey Brin who started working on this in their university dorms, a few years ago. Today Google is a multi-billion dollar enterprise which is also considered one of the best companies to work for. This report attempts to discus how this enterprise through their unique organizational culture was able to achieve so much. This report further highlights the unique leadership methods of the young founders, their policies towards promoting the “Googler” culture, employee motivation, employee selection and retention strategies and their approaches as opposed to that of competition.
According to Nehls (2011, p.11) Google strategy entails combining two key functions; the first is the continual improvement of precision search results of the Google search engine and the second is integrating advertising penetration with their searches. The main function as the search engine does not yield much money but the company used the searches and as revenue generating advertising spaces for advertisers who can gain access to billions of users utilizing their search engine.
Google started off with a unique product offering that enabled users to browse web pages in order or relevance and importance to their searches. The unique feature was called “PageRank”; this feature incorporates various features such as counting the number of relevant pages linked to the single page, the number of times a word(s) appears and the presence of the relevant word(s) in the title of the document (Adair, 2007, p7).
The brand power of the word “Google” is so powerful that it has become an alternate term for “search engine”. Google has attained this status by making useful information accessible to billions of their users world-wide. Google presently aims to retain their position as the market leader in search advertising by constantly innovating, increasing their product offerings and creating new ...
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This report further analyzes Google’s approaches to management, leadership, employee recruitment and motivation and as opposed to competition. We determine…
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