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Consultancy Project for Novartis – Saudi Arabia

For this consultancy project, the company’s product manager, Dr. Adel Alohali outlined the challenges that were faced by the company in the midst of Saudization program by the government. In response to its need to attract more Saudi pharmacists, Novartis provides its medical representatives with generous salaries, bonuses, and other incentives that are comparable to the benefits given for government jobs where most of Saudi pharmacists work. For instance, the company provides new cars, which medical representatives can own after four years and also get a new one after that.
However, as Dr. Alohali explained, the company’s Human Resource team is still finding out ways to effectively recruit Saudi pharmacists to work in the company. Currently, Novartis Pharma Services employ a total of 89 pharmacists; 86 of them from foreign countries and only 3 are Saudi nationals. If possible, the company plans to eventually replace its workforce with more Saudi pharmacists in the next few years to drive in more sales for the company.
Moreover, some benefits of Saudization of medical representative jobs at Novartis were also discussed during the consultation. The company saw the need to employ Saudi nationals because, as part of their experience and culture, purchasing department in government hospitals and Saudi doctors prefer to deal with Saudi pharmacists than foreign workers. Novartis believes that by employing Saudi pharmacists, they will be able to increase their competitive advantage against other pharmaceutical firms. ...
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This project “Consultancy Project for Novartis – Saudi Arabia” aims to give recommendations for Novartis – Saudi Arabia on how it can attract Saudi pharmacists to work as medical representatives in the company. Emphasis was also given in crafting the job promotional messages…

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