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Hospitality Management

As the discussion declares milk as animal products was fermented under natural conditions which resulted to sour milk products with acidity. The development of milk processes developed into natural preparation of yoghurt and cottage cheese. Over the years, the preparation of milk products has developed including coagulation of milk protein. This led to the need for preservation of milk products so that they would be stored for relatively long without spoiling. The intuition and creativity of man in the ancient times led to the innovation of various preservation techniques. These included storage of milk products in cellars and caves, salting and control of humidity. Nonetheless, processes such as salting changed the taste of the food products a challenge which motivated more innovation in food preservation.
This paper stresses that developments such as dehydration and molding illustrate endeavors in the preservation of cheese products. These developments paved way for the modern introduction of various chemicals for the preservation of cheese and other milk products. The invention of refrigeration is a significant development in the food industry in general which also enabled cheese to be stored for a long time without decay. The use of various chemicals in food preservation has led to long shelve life of cheese. The most significant developments in cheese production include the possibilities which have enabled producers to maintain the flavor, texture and taste of cheese for a long time and thus making it appealing to the consumers for a relatively long duration . ...
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Various businesses in the hospitality industry provide a wide variety of food and beverage products. The focus of the review is to demonstrate the various aspects of the food and beverage market in relation to the current and practical application of catering practices. …
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