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Essay example - Interview A Manager

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This paper is basically an effort to interview Mr. Ted Nicholson who holds a managerial position at the local Starbucks. The interview is conducted in such a way that would help unfolding the…

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earlier on in my mind which is why today you would find it very hard to find a single issue about mismanaged cultural diversity at the store I work as a manager at. At this Starbucks store, there are undoubtedly a lot many employees recruited here to work and they come from many different racial and ethnic backgrounds. They drag along their cultures with themselves too and if I do not step in to look where one culture might crush the values of another culture either by mistake or with intention, big problems can result and the blame would obviously be laid on me in the end. So, I made it my responsibility almost from the starting period to create the right kind of environment at my store in order to manage a culturally diverse workforce. Creating the right kind of atmosphere means enabling the workers to understand and respect different cultures and consider all opinions in a manner free of cultural prejudices and biases. Things which might be acceptable in one culture might appear to be truly inappropriate for working coming from a different cultural background. So making the workers realize the subtle and sensitive differences between different cultures by providing them with increased means of intercommunication can help a manger immensely in handling a culturally diverse workforce.
You might have noticed that many times conflicts originate due to every worker appearing to be involved in his/her own world, presenting ideas that antagonize ideas introduced by other workers, and refusing to genuinely collaborate with others. Therefore, for one thing I try handling workplace conflicts by laying stress on the importance of teamwork and mutual collaboration which is all teamwork actually is about. Conflicts also arise between employers and employees when low level of creativity is consistently maintained by employees. So I have taken it upon myself to encourage my workers to be innovative and creative in whatever job they do here. I happened to be quite ...
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