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Being an intolerant person can hinder or help, depending upon the employee’s gender. According to Goodson, a “qualitative study found that men actually enjoy hidden advantages over women when entering these female-dominated professions"…


Other employees might consider the factors of being a woman, disabled, and a religious minority in like a Muslim as a triple threat. This might convey the idea that the addition to the loans department is ‘bad news.’ French and Quigley indicate that “…a key indicator of an organization’s effectiveness in communicating ‘bad news’ messages is its organizational culture. Developing an organizational culture that values positive organizational behavior can transform the way that ‘bad news’ messages are crafted and received in the workplace”. If facts about the new employee are given a positive twist—like how she has overcome adversity to become a professional—this will help greatly in helping her be accepted as part of the team of employees. Softening the negative images employees have through diversity training can definitely help during the transition process. ...
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