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Assignment example - Training and Development

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High school
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To motivate companies to evaluate training programs, management personnel who are in charge of training and development must emphasize that an evaluation would provide management with the crucial information that defines the success or failure of training programs, depending on…

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be motivated to evaluate training programs through the provision of accurate information that relates the direct impact of these programs on the overall improvement of the organization in terms of performance, job satisfaction and financial success.
According to Zoe (2010), result outcomes are results of training evaluations which are “used to determine the training programs payoff for the company” (p. 225). Examples of the results outcome apparently included standards of performance such as productivity, quality, costs, repeat customers, customer satisfaction, and even information on work-related accidents (Zoe, 2010, p. 222). One strongly believes that most organizations do not use results outcomes for evaluating their training programs because of the challenges and difficulties in measuring them, such us the need to secure historical performance data from the organization, which could sometimes be inaccessible to unauthorized personnel or passé by the time that the results have been interpreted. Likewise, as revealed “appropriate training outcomes need to be relevant, reliable, discriminative, and practical” (Zoe, 2010, p. 227), and results outcome do not sufficiently meet all the criteria as effectively as reaction outcomes do.
3. Chapter 6 outlined several factors that influence the choice of evaluation design. Which of these factors would have the greatest influence on your choice of an evaluation design? Which of these factors would have the smallest influence? Explain your choices.
The choice of evaluation design actually depends on the specific requirements and resources of the organization. Therefore, depending on the factors (change potential, importance, scale, purpose of training, organizational culture, expertise, cost and time frame) that are deemed most relevant; it would be selected as having the greatest influence on the choice of evaluation design. For example, the evaluation is conducted to determine the effect of training on ...
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