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Research Paper example - Challenges of gay people serving in the military

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Research Paper
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The United States Air Force (USAF) is the world’s most efficient and prestigious air force with an enviable track record of participating in and winning several wars and other combat missions for the country. They have a highly esteemed organizational culture and tradition…

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The USAF has worked over the years in alliance with many countries, building strategic partnership for acquiring and maintaining “access to foreign territories for operational purposes” (Moroney et al, 2010, p.xiii).
The USAF has revised their Mission Statement during 2005 to conform to the needs of the time, and its present mission is to “fly, fight and win... in air, space and cyberspace” (Our Mission, 2012a). In order to achieve the objectives of their mission, the members of the Air Force uphold the vision of “Global Vigilance, Reach and Power,” which spans into the concept of “three core competencies: developing Airmen, technology to war fighting and integrating operations” (Our Mission, 2012a). USAF is an organization of high ethical values, and they function within the framework of three values that comprise the concepts of “Integrity First, Service before Self and Excellence in All We Do” (Our Values, 2012b). For an organization like the USAF, whose core responsibilities encompass not only the huge onus of defense of a country but also expand into areas like healthy rapport with other countries, maintaining a high degree of integrity within the premise of their mission and vision, as well as delivering their best towards the overall general cause of patriotism, freedom and equal opportunities for all, is significant.
Thus, the leadership and members of this organization, while discharging their responsibilities, have to consider the interests of different stakeholders including the national government, the citizens, other friendly countries, and the overall interests of the international community in making this world a better place for humans to dwell on. Therefore, all personnel who serve the Air Force have to imbibe in them a high sense of integrity, moral, ethics, and other values that the organization upholds. Similarly, leadership, being the most crucial element in determining the right direction for organizations to ...
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