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Wellbeing in college

A great sense of well being does not just come but it is earned, it is not something natural but rather something earned. Students who want the best out of themselves have to develop te great sense of well-being through learning and developing it. If a student feels that life is no on their side, it is a high time to realize that lack of sense of well being must have contributed to the miseries that befallen them. And the failures to fix things rights by the students should be their wake up call to quickly sprung into action by looking for ways to improve their sense of well-being. It’s not just about students feeling well about themselves but also their friends, families, study places and the communities they live in all benefit from them having a healthy, proactive approach to managing their wellbeing. Any wellbeing should be seen from a broader perspective. Good emotional and physical health can turn into the unprecedented serious mental health conditions if wellbeing is not given due considerations.
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For any human being to function effectively it has to have a positive state of mind. This will enable him to function very pretty well within group society or organization. For a student to be effective in learning in school, it has to have a right state of mind. …
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