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Strategic Choices for Coca-Cola Company - Research Paper Example

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Research Paper
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Running head: Strategic Choices for Coca-Cola Company Strategic Choices for Coca-Cola Company Insert Name         Insert Grade Course Insert 31 December 2011  Strategic Choices for Coca-Cola Company Introduction Coca-Cola has been in existence since 1886 when it was established by (Coca-Cola p.1)…

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Strategic Choices for Coca-Cola Company

However, the company has not operated alone in the market; it has received competition from other companies like Pepsi. In order to create an edge over its competitors, Coca-Cola has adopted differentiation strategy, which in many ways has proved successful for the company. Nevertheless, it is important to evaluate how this strategy has been successful for the company and the likely recommendations for modifications especially in line with its mission and vision. Strategic Choice of the Company Coca-Cola has for a long time favored the resource-based concept, which has become the main avenue of its strategic goals (Pearce and Robinson, p.1). The company perceives its success in the market to rest on effective use of its fundamental resources such as the brands, systems, capital, and the people. The goals of the company have been drawn and implemented based largely on these fundamental resources. At the same time, the attempts of the company have largely been geared towards creating competitive advantage by utilizing its resources to the maximum. ...
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