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What are Twitter’s advantages as an electronic communication medium? Its disadvantages? - Case Study Example

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Twitter as a social media site has a range of advantages. Foremost, it is an interactive networking site that allows for persons to socialize, meet new friends as well as conduct professional networking. In addition, Twitter has emerged as a fast and convenient method to keep in touch with friends. …

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What are Twitter’s advantages as an electronic communication medium? Its disadvantages?

Moreover, Twitter exhibits the advantage of citizen journalism. Evidently, Twitter has developed into a fast and convenient mode for reporting on world events such as politics, as well as breaking news on national disasters. Examples of national disaster which have achieved active citizen journalism via Twitter include Hurricane Katrina and Sandy in the United States, Southern California wildfires in 2007 and China earthquakes in 2008. Twitter equally possesses the advantage of fast, real time reporting and information sharing. This is more evident in reference to real time breaking news. To this end, Twitter has been labelled as a fast media of reporting on global news compared to other media sites such as news agencies. On the other hand, Twitter exhibits some disadvantages. Foremost, the number of tweets has been restricted to 140 characters. Consequently, it limits the comprehensive tweeting of important information. For example, during national disasters comprehensive details cannot be sufficiently communicated.
When might a manager find a Twitter an appropriate communication channel?
Twitter can be of benefit to the manager of a business depending on the context applied when using it. For example, a manager may find it beneficial while trying to keep constant flow of communication with his or her clients. To this end, the manager may ask for opinions from the client. This is in relation the quality of products or services offered. Moreover, the manager may create a Twitter account whereby customers may post their personal opinions on how products or services may be improved. ...
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